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 Lasertag on DOOM

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PostSubject: Lasertag on DOOM   Lasertag on DOOM Icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2008 3:33 pm

I have yet to come up with a better name, so that's what I'm calling my creation for now.

Map = "Doom"
Game type = "Laser Tag Doom"

Both are in my fileshare

The map is a variant of Cold Storage, but it is very dark, and very creepy. The only light comes from the dim ambient lighting, and four flares located around the map. Starting weapons are Spartan Lasers and energy swords, with sentinel beams and a flamethrower located throughout the map. Damage is increased to 150%. It is essentially a hide and seek game of Laser Tag, played in almost complete darkness. It's designed as a FFA gametype, though it may work as a Team Slayer game. All players are black, for an added challenge!

I think the map is haunted, too, because as I was forging it all alone in the very dark and gloomy map, there were random motion blips on my radar, even though I was the only one there! It just adds to the creepy Doom-esque atmosphere! With the flood in the background, it actually does resemble a scene from Doom 3!

Lasertag on DOOM Laster10

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Lasertag on DOOM
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